At Electralarm, we install the highest quality products to ensure your security. From our Honeywell alarms to our top of the line smoke detectors, here are a few of the many products we have available.

Honeywell Vista Series

Electralarm installs the Honeywell Vista Series security system. This system is very user friendly, offering custom programming to accurately describe system status. Zone descriptions are provided at the keypad read out from a list of words provided in alpha vocabulary. Custom words can also be created to personalize and accurately describe a zone, like "window master bedroom."

All devices in your alarm system rely on control panels for back up power. These panels contain rechargeable lead acid batteries that last as long as 10 years! Your alarm system will automatically notify you when the time to replace your battery comes. 

Installing Honeywell Vista Series 

Donn checks a new Honeywall Vista Series system in Hatfield using his smart phone.

Honeywell Total Connect

This interactive service platform lets you take charge of your home's security from your phone! Users can arm or disarm their panel, control home automation devices, and monitor the status of their sensors through the easy-to-use mobile app. 

Forgot to turn off the lights or arm your security system? Want to adjust the thermostat to prevent your pipes from freezing? The Total Connect takes the worry out of traveling by letting you control your systems from anywhere. Text and email elerts let you stay on top of your home's security while you get to do the things you love.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Our low voltage smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are incredibly popular with contractors. This vastly superior design outperforms traditional 120 volt models, with fewer false alarms and more accurate detection. 

The high quality devices are powered through your alarm system control and wired directly into your home. That means you never have to worry about changing the batteries! 

These detectors are a cost efficient, hassle-free alternative to plug-ins and difficult to reach smoke detectors.

Cummington Highway Department Battery Installation 

Donn installs a battery back-up for a new alarm system at the Cummington Highway Department.